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Latest Articles

What is the best way to make better business decisions?

Have you ever felt like you might as well be throwing darts at a board while blindfolded when making decisions in your business? Eenie meenie minie moe? Because despite being in the “information age” you still feel somewhat in the dark. Sometimes it’s the reverse. You have data up to kitty’s bow but none of it shines a light on the right path. Two strings to the better decisions bow Firstly, the data needs to be collected. Then it needs to be turned into useful information. Semantics you say? I won’t go into a lot of detail, because it’s really a bit boring, but data is just the numbers, without context or organisation. Data by itself doesn’t mean anything. Data vs Information Average sale per customer is data. Organised by month and showing seasonal variations, that data becomes information. Or maybe when all your overheads are collated they show an increase on last year, even though you were able to negotiate a stay on your office rent and reduction in your phone contract, indicating you need to review your pricing. What if you collected data about your clients in your CRM, so you could extract demographic information to refine your marketing? Sounds a bit fancy but it’s super useful. This information is powerful. Where to look before making business decisions We’re fortunate these days, that we have umpteen choices to help us collect data and then turn it into something useful. CRM systems Accounting software Scheduling software Social media analytics Order processing systems Get it right from the beginning A good result requires some forethought and planning, but it’s...

6 No-Brainer Reasons for Documenting Processes

Are you feeling in control of your days? Or are the tasks and demands mounting up, pushing the great intentions of your new year’s resolutions and goals for your small business further and further away? Each day is a never ending exercise in attending to the urgent.   Chaos begets chaos You’re not alone. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology 36% of people who made new year’s resolutions will have abandoned them by the end of January and 54% by mid year. Of course, the reasons for ditching resolutions are many and varied. Mostly though, it’s because changing habits is tough. When we become busy and stressed the hard stuff tends to get pushed aside and we revert to old habits. So what to do? Trying harder isn’t the answer. We only have so much will power. Making it easier to do the things that will lead us to our goals though, that’s a good idea. Document all the processes Documenting processes is a great place to start as the benefits will be seen throughout your small business. Here we have six ways that documenting processes increases control in your small business, so that you can focus on the important. 1. Delegate what’s not the best use of your time Chances are if you’re feeling a bit cray cray in your business it’s because you’re doing too much yourself. Documenting processes means you are able to delegate tasks with a set of instructions, freeing you up to focus on areas that would be a better use of your time. 2. Review your processes The documentation process itself can highlight duplications, redundant steps and...

5 signs you’re losing control of your small business

Small business ownership can be incredibly rewarding. But anyone who’s owned a small business for any length of time would agree, it can also be incredibly difficult. Small business is tough, but rewarding The day in, day out juggling of a million priorities means you have little time to think, never mind enjoy the rewards your business was supposed to deliver. You’re just plain busy. Really, really busy. That feeling of overwhelm is not uncommon. In fact, it’s common as all get out amongst small business owners. The good news is a lack of control needn’t creep up on you. If you take action when these signs appear, you can avoid heading down a slippery slope, get control and get your life back. So what are the signs you’re losing control of your small business? These are some of the most common I’ve seen. 1. You spend your day putting out fires As you’re driving to the office, in between phone calls, you’re mentally preparing for the onslaught. Despite the important tasks you know you should be working on that day, you know there’ll be urgent issues that gobble up your time. You know because they were there yesterday, and last week, and last month. Maybe there’s been a staff issue that you haven’t had time to address. It’s been bubbling away and has finally exploded leaving you short staffed and low on morale. There might be a pesky customer problem that keeps popping up. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s enough to make them annoyed and now you need to get involved. Overdue invoices, broken down equipment,...

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