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Why you need to turn your marketing outside in

Traditional marketing Marketing used to be a one way exercise. The company would tell you what they stood for, what their position in the market was, what their value proposition was and why you must have their product. We either bought or didn’t. We might have told our spouse or the lady in the newsagent or the barber about how good, bad or indifferent the product or service was. But typically the marketing was company driven, from the inside to the outside. New world marketing Then came the internet. We became connected like never before. We were given a voice like never before. Now, businesses can no longer dominate the conversation. They are who we say they are. We have the platform to tell the world what we think. Social media lets us celebrate or complain about our customer experience to anyone who cares to listen. Online review sites are increasingly guiding buying decisions. Blogs are the new super-niched media that help form our opinions. Marketing has been turned inside out. Or rather, outside in. Businesses no longer dominate the marketing conversation. They are who we say they are #smallbiz… Click To Tweet Customer experience, you say? Customer experience is, in a way, inside out marketing. It’s not about who the business tells us they are, but rather how the customer feels about the business and what they tell us the business is. And remember, they have a voice like never before. Customer experience is a the result of a mishmash of interactions, each one creating a perception. Just like individual bricks build a house, individual interactions build a perception of... read more

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is popping up in business conversations everywhere. And with good reason. Keeping in touch with your existing and potential clients is an important part of generating leads and marketing a small business. However it can be time consuming and expensive to reach everyone regularly. As business owners, we are all busy being pulled in a hundred directions at once, so the regular keeping in touch and lead nurturing can fall through the cracks. Not giving this part of your business regular attention can result in an up and down cycle – take time out of the core business to generate leads, then put the lead generation aside to work on the business while the leads drop off. Not only is it a frustrating way to work, it’s inefficient. Email Marketing is Effective The good news is email marketing can smooth out the bumps. 73% of Australian marketers rated email newsletters as an effective marketing tactic, compared to 66% for in person events (ref: ADMA Put that statistic together with the low cost of email marketing and it becomes a very attractive option. As part of your marketing strategy, email marketing campaigns can be set up to do much of hard work without you having to sacrifice time from your core role. Email Marketing is Efficient Email marketing is a form of marketing automation. It is the sending marketing communications to prospects and existing customers via email, much the same as direct mail only easier. It can take the form of regular email newsletters, blog posts send by email, autoresponder series that nurture a prospect or special offers... read more

What is a small business CRM system?

A small business CRM system (Customer Relationship Management system) is an integral part of your business. We all need to track leads, manage opportunities and communicate with current and future customers. A small business CRM system is a structured approach to CRM that, these days, incorporates technology as a tool within that approach. Taking a structured approach ensures that the experience for staff and customers is strategic and that outcomes are predictable.   People, processes & technology When asked, “What is a CRM?”, many people will answer with the name of a technological tool. But it’s important to understand that the tool is just part of the system. People and processes are also integral to a small business CRM system. You need a hammer to build a dog house, but the dog house won’t get built if all you do is buy a hammer. People and processes are also integral to a #CRM system Click To Tweet The effectiveness of a CRM system relies on the people using it. In isolation the tool is useless. It must be adopted, understood, accepted and used by those who are also part of the system to provide any sort of value. In that regard, processes around the gathering, classification and input of information ensure consistency and reliability of data. Imagine if your client data was actually useful! Many small businesses are using Excel as the main tool in their CRM system. However, as the customer and lead lists grow, the information collected increases and more staff become involved in the process Excel can quickly become unwieldy and ineffective. Excel can quickly become unwieldy & ineffective as a #CRM tool Click To Tweet... read more

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Leanne provided me with in depth feedback on one of the websites I look after. Solid advice, detailed report and proposal. It took me two seconds to decide that Leanne was the professional I needed to do this task


Steve Gray


In a nutshell – Leanne makes life easier! So many professionals offer over engineered systems with more functionality than adds value, but Leanne took time to understand from the user perspective, and she got it just right.

Jenny Perks

Director, Upstart Challenge

What can I say??? You have done an outstanding job for us and I know it has not been an easy one. I knew you were the right person for the job. You certainly do think out side the square.


Phillip Royce

Managing Director, Vehicle Modification Specialists

WOW…Leanne thanks for all your hard work (and your patience!!) Great promotion of our new website and a fantastic review of our company’s profile. We are so happy and grateful for your vision and professionalism

Heather Wall

State Development Manager, Showerline