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Latest Articles

Website Update for Lara Swimming Club

We’ve recently finished Phase 1 of the Lara Swimming Club website update. This update included a complete design overhaul of the local club’s website to make it more usable & useful. The end result – an attractive, responsive site that’s easy for the club to maintain, that highlights their services & benefits, is useful to members & presents the club well to the swimming & local communities.... read more

10 business winning tips for the lead up to Christmas

Hands up if you’re starting to feel the stress of the Christmas rush? The phone’s ringing, the orders are coming in & you’re busy, busy, busy. So busy that you’re beginning to wonder how you’ll manage to get everything done. And don’t even mention all the Christmas events that are coming up! Being organised will improve your sanity & your bottom line Stop & take a breath. The lead up to Christmas doesn’t need to be crazy, with everything becoming a last minute rush. In fact, it can become a prime opportunity to create exceptional customer experiences that will stand out in a sea of frazzled tinsel. The customer experience can mean the difference between repeat business & one-off sales, between great word of mouth referrals & silence. Here are 10 things you can do to keep your customers returning. 1. Get your email campaigns in order Send an email campaign letting people know your Christmas hours. This is particularly important if you are taking a break over the holiday period. 2. Remember your loyal customers Let your loyal customers know how much you value them by sending an exclusive thank you offer or gift. If your schedule & budget allow, a special event just for them is a nice touch. 3. Beat the Christmas card rush Prepare & send Christmas cards early to avoid postal delays. If you prefer e-cards, sending them early can help you stand out from the surge of cards received closer to Christmas. 4. Stand out Finalise any proposals or projects that have become drawn out over the silly season. Stand out by being the... read more

Improve your business by stepping into your customers’ shoes

Business owners & managers are busy. We’re also good at what we do! We have our ways of doing things that get the job done, and if it’s not broken we don’t have a lot of time to fix it. The problem is, what works for us isn’t always working for our customers. We become so familiar with what we do, we can make assumptions to fill the gaps, or not recognise where day-to-day processes are making life a little more difficult for customers. The good news is, becoming a customer experience focused business doesn’t have to be difficult. With a few guidelines, you can easily step into your customers’ shoes and make them smile (we all love it when our customers smile, right?) What’s not working We fill gaps, we make assumptions, we know how things work. But our customers don’t. Therein lies the problem. Let me give you a simple, all to common example. Great Business Group Pty Ltd (trading as Brilliant Coaching) provides a coaching session to Meredith. Meredith is very satisfied with Brilliant Coaching’s service & pays them a large fee by credit card. The payment goes into the Great Business Group Pty Ltd account and everyone is happy. Then Meredith receives her credit card statement. There’s a charge by a company she has never heard of before and she becomes concerned. She is really busy and doesn’t have a chance to call the bank right away. She begins to worry that she might have to go through the rigmarole of cancelling her credit card. Some time later, Meredith wonders why the Brilliant Coaching charge... read more

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Leanne provided me with in depth feedback on one of the websites I look after. Solid advice, detailed report and proposal. It took me two seconds to decide that Leanne was the professional I needed to do this task


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In a nutshell – Leanne makes life easier! So many professionals offer over engineered systems with more functionality than adds value, but Leanne took time to understand from the user perspective, and she got it just right.

Jenny Perks

Director, Upstart Challenge

What can I say??? You have done an outstanding job for us and I know it has not been an easy one. I knew you were the right person for the job. You certainly do think out side the square.


Phillip Royce

Managing Director, Vehicle Modification Specialists

WOW…Leanne thanks for all your hard work (and your patience!!) Great promotion of our new website and a fantastic review of our company’s profile. We are so happy and grateful for your vision and professionalism

Heather Wall

State Development Manager, Showerline