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The 5 Major Perks of using Marketing Automation with your Email Marketing

Email marketing campaigns have been the backbone of companies large and small for years, and the process remained mostly unchanged. With the creation and accessibility of marketing automation, large and small businesses are choosing to create email campaigns in a whole new way. The power to create finely-targeted and tailored email campaigns now rests in a skilful marketer’s grasp. Not sure you want to switch to marketing automation? Here are the five major perks you’ll be missing out on. 1. Cuts down on time One of the biggest complaints about email marketing is that someone needs to take the time out to do it. Most small businesses have a limited staff, and their time is often stretched between plenty of equally important tasks. Marketing automation can be done and scheduled at the beginning of the week and not touched again until the following week. You can plan out your campaigns in advance and spend the rest of the week focusing on other marketing efforts, such as social media outreach, blogging and webinars. 2. Reach any person anywhere at any time Many businesses have clients all over the world, and it is difficult to reach out to an audience that is active when you are not at work or awake when you are asleep. During the day, most working professionals, teenagers and children have few opportunities to check their personal email accounts and be able to click through to your website. Now you can schedule your email blasts to hit their accounts when they are most active in the evening. You do not have to remember to send them email... read more

The 6 step guide to enhancing customer experience

Poor customer experience. Remember the last time one of your suppliers made you jump through hoops, just to do business with them? You started out what you imagined would be a simple enquiry process, only to find the contact details on their website where hidden like Tutankhamen’s treasure. So what do you do? Click on the next supplier on the list, just like everyone else. Perhaps you have an inkling your own customer experience systems aren’t as smooth as they should be, but you’re not quite sure how or where to start improving them. The good news is, little tweaks can have a big impact. With a regular review process in place, you can create effortless customer purchase journeys that will keep clients on board rather than clicking the next supplier on the list. Why you should know your processes from your customers’ perspective As you probably know from your own experience, if one business is difficult to deal with, another is only a Google search away. I don’t mean difficult in a snooty, obnoxious way. Oftentimes the whole process is impeded by systems and procedures that don’t quite work, despite the company’s best intentions. Studies show that over 60% of consumers will switch companies due to a poor customer experience (Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey). The scariest part is of those, 96% won’t complain or raise an issue. The business will never know. Over 60% of consumers will switch companies due to a poor customer experience Click To Tweet It’s not enough to look at your processes from the inside. They must be reviewed from your customers’ perspective. After all, they’re the... read more

How flexible policies can improve your customer experience

Over the Christmas/New Year period, I’ve had the opportunity to see first hand the customer experience strategy from many different businesses. There’s been the good, the bad & fortunately, not too much of the ugly. One experience highlighted the benefit of businesses being flexible in their policies and systems in order to create a memorable customer experience (in the right way). I bought my husband a razor for Father’s Day, earlier this year. To add some background, I should mention that while that experience was quite efficient I was left underwhelmed. The retail assistant had obviously spent time learning the features of the products, but she could have been reciting Volume III of the Funk & Wagnells for all the interest she showed when explaining them to me. Very rote. Very monotone. Very meh. So we were starting from an experience slightly less than average. That’s my story (policy) & I’m sticking to it The razor stopped working properly so my husband tootled off to the store with razor, warranty and receipt in hand. Of course, as these things often pan out, his razor would need to be sent away for repairs under the warranty. He asked if it could be replaced by one in store. No, sorry, that one’s been superseded and we don’t have any in stock. But wait! Husband spied the newer model (apparently the same in every way except the model number). Could he have his faulty razor replaced by the newer model? No, that’s not store policy. What if he paid the $25 price difference? No, that’s not store policy either. So hubs was left with his faulty razor while... read more

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Leanne provided me with in depth feedback on one of the websites I look after. Solid advice, detailed report and proposal. It took me two seconds to decide that Leanne was the professional I needed to do this task


Steve Gray


In a nutshell – Leanne makes life easier! So many professionals offer over engineered systems with more functionality than adds value, but Leanne took time to understand from the user perspective, and she got it just right.

Jenny Perks

Director, Upstart Challenge

What can I say??? You have done an outstanding job for us and I know it has not been an easy one. I knew you were the right person for the job. You certainly do think out side the square.


Phillip Royce

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WOW…Leanne thanks for all your hard work (and your patience!!) Great promotion of our new website and a fantastic review of our company’s profile. We are so happy and grateful for your vision and professionalism

Heather Wall

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