How is a website created?

You’ve decided it’s time to update (or create) your website. Congratulations on taking this step into the online world. So now what happens?

As you probably know, it’s more than a quick chat with a designer or sitting yourself down with the laptop one night to knock something up.

Website design & maintenance

If you’re thinking of having your website created or updated (or doing it yourself) there’s a number of steps that should be carried out ensure the end product is functional and meets your goals (you do have goals for your website, right?). Of course, every project is different so the steps will vary slightly from project to project. But there’s there’s a basic structure they will have in common.

Generally there will lots of discussion about goals and requirements, quite a bit of research on the part of the designer, various design iterations and reviews, artwork production, coding and testing. The infographic below is a great visualisation of the process (click on the image to view/download a pdf version).



John Furness, Simple Square has created a fantastic infographic of the website design process

Ultimately, it’s about working closely with your designer and keeping the lines of communication open. It’s going to take time and needs considered decisions to be made. However, by following this basic process (even loosely), you’ll end up with a website that meets the goals of both you and your customers.

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