5 things to do on Friday to make Monday easier

Friday afternoons are tough. Focus wanes. Motivation has already left for the weekend. The clock ticks slower & slower. These five quick tips can help bring a sense of accomplishment to your Friday afternoon AND get you hitting the ground running on Monday.Friday at Tacit Business Services

1. Clean out your inbox (ruthlessly)

That time sink that is email. Delete, file, unsubscribe, quickly reply. Do whatever you can to tame it so Monday morning isn’t consumed with email.

2. Review your schedule for next week

Take a look over your diary to get a feel for the week ahead. Are there any meetings you can now cancel or consolidate? Do you need to do any preparation? Can you schedule another hour or two on your top priorities?

3. Evaluate your to do list – cull, reprioritise & determine next actions

Your priorities over the week have no doubt changed. Take a few minutes to rejig your to do list, making sure you have clear next actions for each of your projects or to do’s.

4. Get your first task for Monday ready to go

Don’t spend the first three coffees on Monday shuffling papers, trying to remember what it was you’d planned to do. Get everything ready for your first task (this might be as simple as a post-it on your desk), so you can walk in that door on Monday & Get. It. Done.

5. Tidy your work area

File papers, bin rubbish & go wash the coffee cups. You’ll need them on Monday 😉

Bonus tip:

Revisit your gains from the week. Finish the day on a high & give your self a pat on the back for all you achieved.

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  1. What great simple tips Leanne! I particularly like you post-it note idea for first thing Monday…now where did I put my post-its?


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