The perils of outsourcing

Not long after I hit publish on the outsourcing issue of Tacit Business Boost earlier today, this little gem popped up in my Facebook feed. It’s from a professional consulting firm who have apparently decided to outsource their social media posting.

Outsourced social media

We all occasionally make the odd typo, or leave a word in that we meant to delete. But you have to ask, does that post leave you feeling inspired to book their services?

Now, I understand that social media is time consuming and that there are lots of options out there to have it managed for you. In fact, I wholeheartedly encourage you to outsource part of your social media activities (listening, drafting posts, scheduling approved posts, preparing graphics, etc). However, this post highlights the perils of handing over any aspect of your business without the appropriate checks in place to ensure that the finished product is one that correctly represents your business.

Outsourcing wisely is a necessity to run a successful business. Outsourcing imprudently can have undesirable consequences.

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