Tacit Tidbits

Recent happenings across my TwitterFacebook & Feedly streams that caught my eye.

Getty makes photo collection available to bloggers free of charge

via The Next Web

Finding the right images with the right copyright can be super time-consuming. Good one from Getty Images, although I’m not a big fan of the sharing footer that is embedded with the image (see above).

New era in privacy as laws take effect

via Dynamic Business

If you collect personal data you need to be aware of these new privacy laws that came into effect on March 12.

Customer Loyalty Is Mostly About Choosing the Right Customers

via Duct Tape Marketing

Do you choose your customers or have an accept all comers “policy”

You Are What You Read: 14 Thought Leaders Share Their Bookshelves

via The Blog of Tim Ferris

I mostly listen to books these days. Regardless of how you consume books there’s plenty to keep you busy & learning here.

How to Get Customers to Post Instagram Pictures

via Social Media Examiner

I’m finding it a bit hard to get my head around using Instagram for marketing. Not so Social Media Examiner.

How to Have a Eureka Moment

via HBR

Maybe checking email isn’t the dreadful time waster we’re led to believe. Research suggests “an effective way to incubate a problem in need of a eureka moment is to switch to an unrelated, but still work-related, task”

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